Anaplan formula to Lookup Balance Sheet description from mapping table module


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Please see email attachment with all details for my question.

I have an “Account Major Properties” module with a line item of “B/S Line Item” where I want to populate the valid Balance Sheet line name, from the list “Balance Sheet Lines – NEW”, based on the Account Major (e.g. GL Account) contained in Line Item “Account Code”.

This line item is formatted with a list called “Balance Sheet Lines – NEW

I also have a module called “Mapping: B/S Mapping” where I could pick up the B/S Line Item name based on the B/S Account Major line item.

My question is, what formula should I write in the line item “B/S Line Item” within the “Account Major Properties” module, to return the required Balance Sheet description (e.g. BankPetty Cash etc).




  • Puneeth H P
    edited February 2023

    Hi @gcaldis ,

    ‘Mapping: B/S Mapping’.’B/s Line item’[lookup:Account Code List]

    where Account Code List is an List formatted (Account List) line item>

    Account Code List: Finditem(Account Major,Account code)


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  • Hi Puneeth

    Apologies for my delay in responding, thank you for your response.

    I will check this out and let you know if this works.