Production Data - Top level Can be Changed?


I have a scenario as follows:

I have a List named "Product L1" which has been marked as production data. While I understand that structural changes can still be made to a list that has been marked as production data, I have noticed that the top level, which cannot be changed if the list has been marked as production data, has been altered.

I have attempted to investigate the issue by checking the history to see if there was any sync from dev, but unfortunately, there has been no sync done. Additionally, I noticed that there is no history trace of model change from deployed to standard. As you know, this change should not be possible in Production for the top level.

The changes made on to the Production list - " Product L1 "is as follows:

Top Level Before the change: All Products

Top Level After the change : No Products

What could be the possibility for this change happened in production?