Why several actions in process are not updated?



I have been importing data from a data hub daily for several months now. In the last days the last 2 actions of the process are ignored on the update. The actions are very simple. It is importing a date from the data hub. I can't understand the issue. All the other actions are working properly. When I am launching the action manually I have no errors.

Has anyone encountered this type of issue before?

Thank you in advance, 



  • Hello @MoraruD ,

    Without having a bit more information is complicated to understand the issue, but if you edit the actions in the source model, are they correctly mapped? If there have been changes (even the name of the line items) the import actions could have been affected.

    Please let us know if that fixes it.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thank you four your answer @BrunoRodriguez.

    In fact nothing changed in relation to this actions. To give you more details : I have a process that imports data from Data Hub. The last action helps me bring into to my calculation model the last date of the import from the ERP.

    The action is straight forward. Only one line with the date is imported.

    All the action in the process are correctly run except from the last two.

    I will probably delete and recreate these actions and see if this works.

    I just wanted to know if there is any known reason for this type of issue.