Formula to calculate based certain items in a dimension


I am having trouble to create a formula to calculate something on selective items in a dimension. Simplified example is as follow.

1.    Products A, B, C and D defined in a list

2.    Clients 1, 2, 3 and 4 in another list

3.    Production costs calculated at the client level based on the products (any and all) they have

Now I need to sum the by-client production costs for products A and B only and make it as Z.  How to create a formula to achieve that? I tried to use the SELECT function [Select: Products.A, Select: Products.B] and it did not work.

I am new to Anaplan so any advice in detail is appreciated.


  • BrunoRodriguez
    edited February 2023

    Hello @rzhang ,

    I understand that you currently have the following, where A-D is your Product list, and 1-4 is your Client list:

    You need to map the Products A, B to an specific item in a New list let's call it "Z" in a module dimensioned by Products

    Then you create a new module dimensioned by Client and "Z" and apply a sum (i.e., 'CAL01 | Prod Costs'.Prod Costs[SUM: 'SYS04 | Products'.Z]). Once you do it, you will get the following:

    I hope that makes sense!


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Thank you for the prompt assist! Will try and let you know.