Level 2 Create Build Location Saved View

Hi, I am not able to find the parent column so I cannot do a saved view. Can someone let me know what happened to this? Instead, there is only country column. The task is asked us to save Code, Parent, and subset line items in a saved view. Thanks! Also, locations flat is a flat list, right? Why do we have a parent column here?


  • Hello,

    To build the Location list you need to create a saved view where one of the line items acts as a parent. The fact that it will act as a parent does not mean that it needs to be called parent.

    Basically, your saved view will contain Code and Country, which define the location list. On top of those, it will contain the Region line item, which acts as a parent, and the distribution centre Boolean that will update the list subset.

    Please let me know if it is not clear!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez