Production capacity calculation

Hi, Good Day All. Does anyone know how to build the calculation modules that calculate a Factory’s production capacity.

This is the formula I am using: Production capacity = number of machines*number of working hours*number of working days*number of shifts*line efficiency.

Usually, they work five days a week (From Monday to Thursday) and 2 shifts per day (8 hours per shift) but sometimes they work weekends, I need to create a check box for if they work the hall weekend or if it is just Sunday or Saturday. And if they work weekends, is it for one shift or two.

Please advice I need to know if it is possible to do it with Anaplan and how?

Thank you in advance.

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @SAtrane ,

    You will need few additional linteitems at week level to achieve this.

    1. A boolean to identify FULL Weekend
    2. A boolean to identify PARTIAL Weekend
    3. A boolean to identify number of shifts, as FULL Shifts Weekend (this should mean 2 if TRUE and 1 if FALSE)

    And then,

    • Number of working days should look like if (1) and not (2) then 7 else if (2) and not (1) then 6 else 5
    • Number of shifts should look like if either (1) or (2) then if (3) then 2 else 1 else 2

    To make this even more scalable, you might want to define your standard metrics in a SYS module. Ex: No. of working hours per shift (enter 8), No. of shifts per day (enter 2). And refer them in the above mentioned formulae.

    Hope this helps.