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Hi guys,

I have created a saved view in one of my modules. my module has 4 dimensions + line items.

Time, Cost center, GL account and version.

My saved view has selected a few versions, cost centers and GL accounts.

I use tabular single column for my export as I want all dimensions to be columns and only a single line item of data, I select omit empty row and current line item and click export.

The exported file does not follow the shown versions, cost centers and GL accounts, instead it shows all of them.

What am I doing wrong?

Thank you.

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  • AjayM
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    Hi @MatthewWilcox ,

    First, I would recommend using filters to filter down required set of items from each dimension. You would gain more centralised management of items that you want to export/use/show, using filters.

    Second, for your requirement of exporting dimensions as columns and only one line item of data, you can use grid layout export, with lineitems as pages and time (preferably) in columns as the saved view.

    If you can please check this link, you will understand why single column table layout is not the right choice for your requirement : https://help.anaplan.com/9277b985-cf76-45cb-becc-5cddc07906f9-Export-layouts-for-modules-and-dashboards

    Hope this helps.