how to check of the month of a month formatted line item



I have a month formatted line item in one module, how can I get a boolean line item to check off in that month in another module?

In my SYS65, I have a month formatted line item "MOB to time" For example the value is Mar 24.

How can I get Mar 24 to checkoff in my C86 module?

(both are dimensioned by credit and turn)

Thanks in advance

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  • AlejandroGomez
    edited February 2023 Answer ✓

    Hi @Olek P

    it seems to me that the value "Mar 24" in your SYS65 module is the result of adding 14 months (calculated in LI "MOB to delete") to a given month. For instance, in FEB 23, in LI you get MAR 24 because you are adding 14 months to FEB 23, is this correct?

    If this is the case, in the module SYS65 you could add one more line item, formatted as boolean and with the following formula: OFFSET(MOB to delete > 0, MOB to delete, FALSE)

    In this way, every time you have a value in "MOB to delete" you will get a TRUE in the resulting month. In your example, you will get a TRUE in MAR 24 because of the value "14" in MOB to delete in FEB 23.

    Then, all you have to do is to connect the line item from the module C86 to this new line item.

    I hope this helps.