Error Message: Mapping have a common LIST format

Hi all,

I am trying to assign the territory to the accounts that matches the attributes. However, because I am using the same list for my Product L2 and Product L3, I am getting the error below.

I understand that this is due to my line item format be:

build a product list hierarchy is not an option because I want the territory attributes to include different product levels.

Does anyone have any insights on what can be done to go around this?




  • Hello @jimfeng5 ,

    could you please share the dimensions of the source and target modules? Also, why are you mapping the line item twice with what seem two different items within the same list?


  • jimfeng5
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    The objective is to assign Territory Rules to the transactions that meet the territory rule's attributes. Here is the dimension of the

    Target module (dimensioned by SFDC Location Mixed ID):

    Source module(dimensioned by FLT_Product Hierarchy, FLT_Geo Hierarchy, FLT_Division, FLT_Strategic Account, FLT_Account First Letter, FLT_WSR):

    So the reason I am mapping the line item twice is because in my dashboard, I am given the ability for end user to select product from different product Level as part of the definition.

    and I take their selections, and create the rules that looks like this:

    and so to match the list format, I use the same FLT_Product Hierarchy list as the format in the transaction data module for easy lookup.

    Right now, I am able to do a workaround by doing this:

    so essentially, do this for all the possible combinations of L2, L3, L4, Product Description, and Region, Sub Region, Country, City. That's 16 line items just for RM assignments. I am sure there is a better way to do this.

  • Hello again,

    thank you for the detail explanation. Can you please also tell me the dimensions for SYS21?


  • Hi @BrunoRodriguez ,

    I provided the wrong screenshot for the source above, I've updated my reply, SYS21 is actually the target module, and it's dimensioned by SFDC Location Mixed ID. It's essentially a unique key at the transaction level.


  • Hello @jimfeng5 ,

    I believe that I understand what you are trying to do through the mapping of the territory and products. Not sure about how to make what you are requesting better.

    However, if I understand that product l2,l3 and l4 are part the same hierarchy and they were imported, it certainly seems like those line items can not be included in the mapping at the same time because the items of your sales demo list that are connected with each of the levels will be different. If you want to have the mapping done in a different way, it should be through another list.

    apologies I cannot be more helpful!

  • Hello @BrunoRodriguez,

    Don't apologize, you are being helpful just by reply to this topic. Could you elaborate on the idea of mapping through another list?