anaplan academy training level 1 experience

brand new to Analplan and is going through the level 1 training in academy, if nothing else, the experience with the training is not so good ... kind of weird in terms of popup with a php page full of log , the previous navigation disappeared, feel very much legacy-ish, not close to modern web experience ... is there better hands on training place? or I am stuck with this one? 😥


  • Hello @mbyanfei ,

    I suspect the issue is that you are seeing the training from an old UX. This has happened recently and you could change the view to that old UX if you want. I guess Anaplan may have plans to update it in the future, but there is not an alternative readily available training.

    Nevertheless, you don't really need the videos to be exactly the same, just get the jist of it and focus on understanding how it works.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez