Import Data into DAT02 Shipping Metrics Module


Seem to be having some issues importing if anyone can assist ?

Several issues

Date mapping Expected character in date/period: FY20

Shipping methid plat and product flat tab don't seem to be correct screenshots provided


  • Hello @akrem ,

    It seems like your first image is not properly mapped. Products need to be mapped with their code in colum 2, while shipping method needs to be mapped with column 3. Regarding the time, you should be able to leave it as match names.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • Hello Bruno,

    Thanks for this, I got everything lined up just having issues with period import. Since its FY19, FY20 can you help me select import settings for time ?

    thank you,


  • I figured it out its ??YY for custom format. Does my import look correct or do you think its my dimensions ?

  • Resolved thx

  • Hello @akrem ,

    apologies for the delay in my answer, but I am happy to see you got it.

    Keep working through it, you are getting there!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • You can map as attached

  • I am also facing issue in the import of this data set can you plz help