Create DATA02 SKU Volumes module


Hi im unable to import the data from my supply chain model as I don't know which module to pull it from



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    Have a look at the following post, as your question seems to be responded there. Please let me know if you are still with questions after reading it.


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    edited February 2023

    To create a DATA02 SKU Volumes module in your supply chain model, you'll need to follow these general steps:

    Identify the data source for the SKU volumes, such as a spreadsheet or a database.

    Choose a programming language that is compatible with your data source and your supply chain model. Common languages used in supply chain modeling include Python, R, and MATLAB.

    Import the necessary modules and packages for reading and manipulating data in your chosen programming language. For example, in Python, you might use the pandas library to read data from a spreadsheet or database.

    Load the data into your supply chain model using the appropriate function or method. The specific function or method will depend on the format of your data and the requirements of your model.

    Check that the data has been loaded correctly and that it is in the correct format for your model.

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