Import failure: The dimensions in the target module do not match the import definition


Hi Anaplanners,

I'm stuck with two imports which have the same settings, from saved views based on same module, and to the same target module. However, one works, but the other one always runs into a failure with message "The dimensions in the target module do not match the import definition."

I have two saved views from the same source module for the two imports. Below are the screenshots of the two saved views.

The line items above all are text-formatted except Load? which is Boolean.

The imports go into the same target module (but different line items - all text-formatted).

The import settings are exactly the same. All Teams import always runs fine. However, All Apps imports would get an error saying the dimensions do not match the import definition.

I've been trying different ways to figure out the reasons behind the error, but have no luck in the past week.

Anyone has encountered similar situations/errors before? Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance!



  • AjayM
    edited February 2023

    Hi @AmyX ,

    If I get it right, considering both the import views, Code_AllApps and Code_AllTeams lineitems carry the code of same dimension of your target module. Have you made a simple search for list item related to 'All Apps' in the respective target dimension list?

    Also, am I right to assume that neither 'All Apps' nor 'All Teams' items are parent level items of the target dimension?

    It'd be interesting to know if you are getting the same error when you mange to merge both saved view results into working saved view (by managing filters for testing).

    In case not, please review these two discussions below:

  • Hi @AjayM

    The Code_allApps and Code_allTeams are the code for the dimension in target module. It works fine when the new numbered list item got created (i.e., both AllApps and AllTeams items are created correctly in the list). The problem is when I try to import the data into its respective line item.

    The target module has a numbered list as the dimension, but it has no relationship with AllApps or AllTeams. All Apps and All Teams go into one of the line items. As you can see in the screenshot, All Teams got imported into line item P0 Teams Write. However, All Apps didn't get to imported but the error showed (All Apps is supposed to get imported into line item of A1 Apps # Write. Both these are text formatted line items.

    The part really puzzles me is that the two saved views and imports are the same structures and same settings. Both are to add a new list item with the code and then import a text (All Apps or All Teams) into a line item, but someone for All Apps, the importing into line item is not working.

    I will take a look at the posts you shared. Thanks a lot!