How to use one of the column as a drop down or context selector in DAshboard

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  • Hello @SwapnaB ,

    You could apply a dropdown to select "Manager Name". Please find below the steps:

    1. Create a module without dimensions and a line item dimensioned with the list used in "Manager Name"
    2. Create a boolean filter connecting the "Manager Name" line items in the modules to filter with the selection of the "Manager name" in point 1. Ideally this should happen in a system module, so you could replicate it across the board.
    3. Apply the boolean as a filter to all the grids required.

    I hope it makes sense!


  • Hi @SwapnaB ,

    I'd like to learn more about your requirement to answer appropriately.

    If it's only for filtering compensation plans related to particular manager, you might simply use quick filters, where the user can click on manager name column, and add a quick filter (using grid menu option) to view plans related to particular manager.

    Alternatively, you will need to maintain 'manager name' data in a list and use it in a field card, which is nothing but 'manager' list formatted lineitem, and then use it to filter the plans based on selected manager (as suggested by @BrunoRodriguez)


  • SwapnaB
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    Thank you Bruno & Ajay

    I am trying to create module without dimesions you mean to say only 1 line item shoould be added as below

    I think Im going wrong somewhere in understanding your first point, can you help me out

  • Hi @SwapnaB ,

    The first step is to create a module without any dimensions, but with a 'line manager flat' formatted lineitem for user to select a 'manager'. You won't need to enter any formula into this lineitem, as this is for user selection. Trying to put forth a small example:

    • Created a module with 'line manager flat' formatted lineitem (no 'applies to')
    • Let's say I have payout details module ('Payout ID' is the dimension) with manager information in one of the lineitems. This is the module I want to filter on UX based on selected manager from above step
    • Define a simple filter module to connect above two steps
    • You can now publish the empty lineitem ('select manager') on UX page as a field card, and apply filter condition to the module you want to filter based on this selection ('Payout Details' module in my example)

    Let me know if this is not helpful enough. Happy to help!


  • Sure Thank you Ajay the first module is created as mentioned. Moving towards the filter one should I create in the modules which I want to use in the Grids or a new module

  • Hello @SwapnaB ,

    It looks like the 2nd image is missing some dimensions.

    1. You already have the dropdown selection in a dimensionless module.
    2. Create a system module dimensioned by "Line manager" dimension.
    3. Within that module, create a line item dimensioned by "Line manager"
    4. Create a boolean that compares the content in point 1 with point 3.
    5. Use that boolean as a filter.

    You can even go a step further an personalised this filter so it is user driven, allowing each user to work concurrently with different filters.

    Hope that is clear!

  • @BrunoRodriguez

    1) In your first point which module you are referring to

    2) You want me to create one more module - with only "Line magaer flat " list as dimension?

    Already create 2 one with the Select Manager Name - two with the Filter complan by Manager

    3) I am clear

    4)where to create this Boolean as we have only one line item

    Bit confused now between Ajays & your comments

  • Hello @SwapnaB ,

    • This first module is great, it will drive you filter:
    • Apologies about point 2, I confused myself. You currently have - from what I see- a boolean in a dimensionless module. Please find below:
    • As @AjayM mentioned, this filter needs to be in a system module with the dimensions that you want to filter (ideally just 1 dimension - the one where you have "Devashis Senapati"). As per @AjayM image below, you just need to make a boolean comparing "Applicable Manager" with the selection in the image above.
    • Once you have that, just apply the filter to the module.

    I hope that is clearer!

  • so you mean to say that - the filter line should be added in existing module and I should apply this formula - 'REP07 - Copy'.'Line Manager (from RHMS)' = Manager name.Select Manager

  • I would rather have it in a system module than that module, but yes - the boolean should be ideally in a module that is dimensioned only by that list.

  • SwapnaB
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    Ok then let me look out for system module if any.

    I applied the filter here this is a system module , hope this is correct

    If yes then we can proceed with the final step may be

  • Hello @SwapnaB ,

    Did the filter work this time?


  • No I am not getting you Bruno still my other 2 reporting modules are same and where should I use this filter I made

  • Hi Bruno & Ajay.... thank you so much for your suggestions I was able to apply the filter and use the field card as drop down for my dashboard.

    @BrunoRodriguez - Really Appreciate your patience and assisting me