Filtering based on User selection


Hi I have 4 modules, with hierarchy regions set up. All 4 modules with dimensions are described in ss. I want to apply a filter on last module for only the countries selected for particular user but I am unable to do it.


  • hi Ankit,

    you can try steps below:

    1. add a line item "Filter Country for user" in Module 4, dimensioned by country, user, formated in boolean and map it to the Moudule 3.
    2. add filter to your saved view with "Filter Country for user" =TRUE.

    it should show different users different countries selected for them in Moudule 3.

  • Can you explain it in more details? I don't understand the terms map it to module 3, if you can explain that more it would provide me some clarity.

    Also thanks for you response

  • "Filter Country for user" = Module3.“select country L3” (assuming select country L3 is a boolean).

  • I am just want to tell you that to apply a filter on the last module based on user-selected countries, you can follow these steps:

    1. In the last module, click on the "Filter" button in the toolbar.
    2. Select the dimension that contains the countries you want to filter by.
    3. Click on the "Add" button to add a filter condition.
    4. Choose the operator as "In" or "Contains", depending on whether you want to include or exclude the selected countries.
    5. In the value field, select the list of countries that the user has selected. This could be a user input or a list generated from another module or dimension.

    If you have set up hierarchy regions, you can also filter by the parent region or by using the "descendants" operator to include all sub-regions under the selected country.

    It's important to ensure that the dimension and hierarchy settings are correctly configured in all modules to ensure the filter works as intended. If you are still having trouble applying the filter, you may want to consult with a system administrator or support team for assistance.

  • Great, thanks
    I will try this out and let you know in case of any issues