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Is there a way to fix the LIS Indention of those identified as Parents, other than unticking the parent button in the source module, please?

Please see screenshot for the sample indention being mentioned.

Appreciate your assistance.

Thank you, Elaine

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  • elaine.novel

    Hi @rob_marshall ,

    Thank you for your response. That was what I was avoiding actually due to other reports' dependency.

    What I did instead is to copy the module and refer the formula to the old module, and that is where I removed the Parent ticks. Afterwhich, this is what I referred in the LIS used.

    Thank you again,



  • Hello @elaine.novel ,

    Unfortunately that is how it works. The parent is defined through the sum of the line items. Please find an extract from the anapedia ( below:

    "Parent line items in line item subsets

    If you have a parent line item in a line item subset, but not all of its children, the value of the parent is only calculated from the line items in the line item subset.

    For example, the parent line item, Total Expenses, has the sum:

    Salary + Bonus + Car Costs + Phone Costs + Medical Costs

    However, the Expenses line item subset only contains the Total Expenses, Salary, Bonus, and Car Costs line items.

    In modules where the line item subset Expenses is used as a dimension, Total Expenses is then calculated by:

    Salary + Bonus + Car Costs

    If none of the line items in the sum are included in the line item subset, Total Expenses appears as a leaf item in the line item subset."

    Hope that helped!

    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • @elaine.novel

    In the source module where the LISS is defined, uncheck the Is Summary boolean in the blueprint area. Take a look below to see if this is what you are wanting.



    Source Unchecked:

    Result Unchecked: