Filter based on User dimension


I am having 2 dropdown selections "Start Date & End Date" which is with respect to default users dimension.

There is a date formatted line item (Load Date) in target module which is dimensioned by a list "A" and not having users list as dimension.

Now, the target module needs to be filtered out based on the logic (Load Date>=Start Date and Load Date<=End Date).

Could you please help with this.




  • AjayM
    edited February 2023

    Hi Shirisha,

    You can't achieve this without adding a filter dimensioned by both users list and list 'A', since the start date and end date selections are by user.

    In other words, add a boolean lineitem dimensioned by 'users' and list 'A' in the target module, and enter the formula (Load Date>=Start Date and Load Date<=End Date) here. Now, on the UX page, when you publish target module, you should add the filter, which respects start date and end date selections for respective user.


  • @AjayM

    Thank you. I did the same, but I need this in old UX (Classic).

    Created a saved view in the target module, but when applying the filter I am not able to select Current user as the module is not dimensioned by Users. Hence it's not working for all the users. It's only working for the user selected in the filter.

    Any idea about this.



  • Hi Shirisha,

    While adding filter to the module (be it on module's saved view or on the dashboard), your filter should default to current user, which would auto apply to respective user, whoever operates the dashboard.

    Can you please retry and share snapshot of your filter and blueprint view of the target module, if it doesn't work still?