Build Dynamic YTD/YTG with Non-Native Time


Hey Builders,

I'm working on a project which requests a report that requires non-native time due to needing YTD/YTG at the end of each year to track variance on last year's YTD vs current year's YTD. The period to reference in the YTD is to dynamically change as the Current Period is updated within every year, regardless of Current Period. To structure this, I've built a 'Time Proxy' list (left). I already have a system module mapping the proxy list to native time; pulling in current period in every year (example: Current Period (Native Time): Feb 23; every Feb (Proxy list) checks true as Current Period).

I've started to use CUMULATE() to sum the values for every year in my data module by Time Proxy that is tied out to native time. How can I get this YTD to show in the YTD/year with this structure?



  • @Tykili

    I am confused why you can't use the out-of-the-box YTD and YTG with Native Time as those appear at the end of the year, per your requirement I believe. Or do you need it after every year defined in the model? Instead of creating a customized Time list, can you model it like the following?

  • Tykili


    Apologies - I should've clarified. The YTD/YTG does need to be defined after each year in the model. Specifically laid out in the columns as follows in the report module: