[First Look] Create page

edited April 2023 in Best Practices

Feature: Create Page

Release Date: 02/28/23

Impact Assessment: Tighter link with UX  

What is changing?

A new button is available in the Pages interface called “Create page” that gives you the ability to create a page in an existing app. Once the button is clicked, a new tab will open that will allow you to setup and design your new page.  

What are the benefits?

This new feature gives you everything you need in one interface to speed up UX development by quickly navigating from model building to page building with fewer clicks. 

Will I have to do anything?

No, you don’t have to do anything. The functionality is optional and is available in the Pages interface by clicking the “Create page” button. The ability to create a page in the app itself still exists.

What should I be aware of?

Creating a page in the NMX will be similar to what you do today in the UX, you should be aware of the following: 

  • You’ll need to be a Workspace Administrator (WSA) 
  • You’ll need to be a page builder 
  • Apps that you want to utilize already exist in the UX.

This is the next step in creating a tighter link between the model experience and the user experience, look for more enhancements in the future.    

Check out this video to see an example of the Create page button in action. 


  • I checked this video and tried to replicate the same with my model, I found that even in worksheet user can create new app or use the existing one. So I think that this feature (creating new app) is available for board and worksheet.

    But overall this is one of the most amazing feature to save sometime.