Different formats for one line item


Hi all,

A user can input data in the following way:

  • Event type
  • Event
  • Date of the event

Is there a way to define different formats for the line item "Date of the Event" on the basis of the other line item "Event Type"?

As an example,

when I input "Event type 1", the "Date of the event" is Time Period Format,

(Type 1, Event A, Jan-23)

when I input "Event type 2", the "Date of the event" is Data format

(Type 2, Event A, 15/01/23)

Thank you all in advance,




  • AjayM

    Hi @MicheleVendemini ,

    It is not possible to modify format of a lineitem (a structural setting) based on user input. Ideally you could let the 'Date of the event' in date format (being the lowest level time format) and create another text formatted lineitem to convert (and display) date input into month for respective events.

    It's however interesting to know why you would want dynamic format for a lineitem, when your underlying calculations would however be considering only one format.