I/m unable to export the custom view from the new UX


Hello Team,

I have 1 custom view Grid in the new UX and i'm trying to export the view but it is throwing me an error saying

what would be the reasons for the below error, could you please help

Thanks in Advance

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  • philsharpe
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    A few users also found this issue today. They were unable at the time, before 10am UK time, to export from any of the models.

    One user was trying to export from a few different Apps with no Luck 'Export Failed' message seen.

    It appears to have resolved itself now - I have followed up with our regional users and all functioning now as expected.

    We'd just like to know what the issue was please as this is our month end so the red warning light was flashing at the time!




  • Hello @Akodali ,

    We may need a bit more information. Does the export work from the backend?


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez