How can I add dimension item ids/names to a module through a transactional API?


Hi I'm currently trying to use the write cell data transactional API to fill a module in Anaplan with required information. However I can only currently add to dimension ids/names already defined in my module.

For reference, in my current module Dimensions sequentially increase in number #1,#2,#3 etc.

I can add to these but when the top value is reached (#690 in this case) I wouldnt be able to add information to a "#691st " line.

For context I'm trying to bring in information automatically on a scheduled basis and so dont want to rely on adding lines manually to my module and then writing to them in an API as that wont be practical


  • I do not think you can change the dimensionality of a module through the transactional API.

    It sounds as if new List items were needed. For instance, if your current module has 2 dimensions of 5 and 3 items respectively, each cell will be uniquely identified with a code from #1 to #15.

    #15 in my example seems to be the equivalent to your #690. If you want to add data to the cell (or intersection) #691, first you need to create it by creating a new item in the lists (a new column or cell)

    in your case, #691 would be #16 in my example. Whether or not you can add more items to a list through the transactional API, i ignore it. This is my best attempt to explain the behaviour described in your question.

    I hope it helps


  • Hi Alex thankyou for your response yes the list item add action has been helpful. I have used this API "{anaplanurl}/2/0/models/{modelID}/list/{listID}/items?action=add to add the item I needed.

    Do you know if it is possible to add a list item and write the cell information to it in one API call? effectively combining/expanding the first call with the the write cell data API:



  • Hi,

    I would say yes, you shoul be able to do so, since the Transactional API allows you to do both.

    But i am sorry to say that i have never tried it myself and I cannot see any specific example on how to do it in the API guide.

    All I can do right now is try to summon the big guns here, my friend and mentor in data integration @ABerenguela. Let's see if we are lucky, he is a busy man.



  • Hi,

    thankyou Alex, I will wait for his reply... If the above is possible, it would be good to know also if such a call can be batched so that multiple lines of information can be written to a module in one call. I.e. would one API call be capable of creating list items and writing the respective cell data for say 100 lines of module data.