Export data to .csv file from a module with page selector and filter is not working

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Exporting data to CSV file from a module with page selector and filter is exporting incorrect results:

Sample Data

as per my example below, Anaplan is applying the filter (amount<>0) to the first month March 23 only. Zero's are getting exported for the intersections data available in first month (filter is not applied to April 23 month)

Also, filtering out the data from April 23 month for which no amount in March 23 (first month or ) e.g. P4-A3-Apr 23 - Amount $90 from original data is not exported. Anyone facing this issue?

One of the option is to change to saved view so that Product, Account and Period/month are in rows. But ~7 million records are getting exported with this, locking users every time we run export action.

We dont want to export zero amount rows or blank cells.

For the example in the screenshot and attachment, we expect rows after export is:

Expected Result:




  • Hi @ENurubasha

    Might be worth raising this with Support. I've done something similar out of one of our models and the export is functioning as expected ie per your excel picture of the zero combos being excluded.


  • Thanks @andrewtye

    Can you please share the saved view, filter and export data that you did. Want to make sure i am having same filter, saved view as yours.

    Thanks, Esa

  • Hi @ENurubasha

    Hmm - this is odd, rebuilt the table from scratch and I put in some values from that are in month two and not month one. Those are now not coming through as the export. Whereas it was working fine last week.

    Definitely feels like it's a support call to understand if that's the expected behaviour for exports. I know that Tabular Modular are very picky about how it works.