Import data into DAT03 Historic Volumes module

Can anyone help with the date format for this Import ????????YY


  • Hi @akrem ,

    This model's time settings is set to 'Numbered' week format, and the historic volumes file also contains week data in same format. So 'Match Names' should work fine for this import:


  • Thank you, I imported it but there seemed to be many ignored items without any details for this ?

  • I'd understand the ignored items to be regarding FY20, as that year is not applicable for historical volume.

  • Thank you will adjust.

    Also, having issue for the next step as well running from actions menu.

    Import into DAT02 Shipping Metrics module unsuccessful: Ensure the column headers in the import file map to the correct dimensions in your module, then run the import again.

  • Can you share snapshot of your mapping here ?

    Also, please make sure shipping methods list is populated.

  • Please see attached to compare

  • If you notice DAT02 module in HUB, you have this data at YEAR level. But your corresponding module in supply chain is dimensioned at month level. Please correct this time dimension in DAT02 module in Supply chain model, verify action mapping and retry.

  • I removed summary method from both and used FY19 timescale for both models. Still having this issue ?

    Level 2 Supply Chain

    Level 2 HUB

  • Its the mapping but not sure how to fix. I tried to manually connect to data hub and import please see attached.

  • @akrem ,

    Please check the purpose of your action - what data to fetch from hub, where to find it and where to load in supply chain model. You are referring to wrong source in the hub, for 9.3 action.

    DAT03 in hub holds historic volumes by Accounts and SKUs. But 9.3 action is to load shipping metrics data from hub, which is available in DAT02 module in hub. And hence your current action is failing to map mismatched dimensions between source and target modules.

    Please edit the action's 'import data source' (or recreate the action) and repoint it to correct source (DAT02) and remap to fix the action.


  • I tried to import again using Data02 the mapping is now correct, however everything is ignored. See attached for full details. I assume its because data02 has a yearly time dimension and supply chain has weekly dimension, any thoughts ?

    >> Time scale Year

    >> Time scale Week

    Supply Chain Module