Anaplan functions


I wanted to pursue career in Anaplan.

I really need 10-15 functions/formulas which we frequently use to build a model.

Appreciate if someone provide me links with examples from interview perspective.


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  • Arnab116
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    Hi @Ayeshazaina ,

    Please go through the link : famously called as Anapedia where you can find all the Calculations functions, modelling , user experience and a lot.

    Next you can go through the best practices in Anaplan :

    Planual is the perfect guide to enhance your knowledge about WHEN,HOW and WHY to use formulas and functions .

    At last you can go to the App Hub and download some of the already built apps and model and dig down to know the whole process and modelling in Anaplan.

    Note : Assuming you have already cleared the certifications of Anaplan Level 1, Level 2 and The Anaplan Way.

    Hope this helped !