Level 2 Sprint 3 3.4.4 Activity: Create Stock Exceptions Review UX Page - SKU Missing Only Products


Hi, I am not able to allow SKUs in the Stock Exception Review to show up, as shown in the screenshots attached. Instead of SKUs showing up, I could only allow P1 Product Family: chocolates, Sours, Taffy, Fudge to show up. What I did in My Page was that I selected INV02 Country Summary Module into the grid view. I am not sure how to select more granularity in my rows. Please let me know, thanks.



  • Hi @anaka ,

    I could see that you have used P1 Product Family list your module and that's why your data is in P1 level.

    I would suggest you to use the SKU list in the module instead of P1 product family.

    Hope this helped !



  • anaka

    Hi @Arnab116, I still do not understand. I thought we are using everything in the INV02? Since the training asked us to use P1 Product family as a list in INV02, do I just revise it or do I need to create a new model? Cuz the other two grids I am using everything in the INV 02. Can you let me know?

  • anaka

    That is what I got after I created another module. I am able to finish the grid but not able to figure out where I got wrong. Can you let me know? Thanks