"Sorting an axis with nested dimensions is not supported."

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Hi all,

I am having an issue trying to sort the column "total orders" of the table below:

On the left, first column, are the Units, in the second column the suppliers belonging to that particular unit.

The column named "Order Amount (eur)" shows the orders of a certain supplier who has dealt with the unit, while the last column "total order amount" is supposed to show the full amount of orders that supplier received from all the units (meaning the whole company).

This last column is the one which needs to be sorted in a descending order; the purpose here would be to have the company top 10 supplier ranking on the right while still being able to read the corresponding business-related unit on the left . Apparently though, this is not possible since the system gives the error: "Sorting an axis with nested dimensions is not supported."

Any advice?

Thanks in advance,



  • @LucaRicci

    It is because the last column is a subsidiary view (not fully dimensioned by the modules' dimensionality), you can see that by the icon to the right of the line item. A couple of ways to fix this:

    • sort on a different line item which will give you the correct order
    • understand why that line item is a subsidiary view and determine if the subsidiary view is warranted.