[Informatica] Can't see any actions (objects) while setting up target object


Hi all,

I am trying to create an interface based on the existing one. It is mapped to a prod model and I what to setup a test model and connect to it. I created new connector and mapped it with correct Model and WS IDs. The test shows all working fine:

In a copy of a process that supposed to upload a file to my model via Anaplan import I am getting stuck. As I have to reselect Connector and then choose a Target Object.

Here it should show me a list of actions in Anaplan. Instead I have this list empty:

And while trying to refresh I am getting this error.

Do you know what it can be?

Worth to mention that the integration was set before me and I think is two years old and maybe that some of the implemented features have changed since that.



  • Hi @KirillKuznetsov ,

    Have you checked that the user that you are using for connection has access to Anaplan model that you are trying to integrate with? I would also try to validate if the password is correct as there is good chance that the password for integration user has expired.

  • Hi @pyrypeura

    Thank you for reply. This is the very first thing we checked.

    Do you think ws admin is required here?

  • Not 100% sure but would assume that ws admin is needed.

  • Lolen

    I think It's necessary