How to create a new hierarchy of an existing account code and then show the result in new structure?


My company has change the groupping of the existing account code. I do have Account L2 list and Parent Account L1 list. I need to create a new Account L1 list and a new Account L2 (Copy from existing ones). I try to copy P&L module and apply the new account L2 list but it does not work. Basically, I need to keep old module to present the old groupping and I would like a new module to present account in the new groupping.

How to make this work?


  • Hi @CommunityMember87191

    In your copied P&L module, before replacing the old L2 account list with new one ensure that any formula that is referencing the old account list is first removed , then you can update the new dimension and the reapply the formula by referencing new list

    Hope, this resolves your issue.