Activity: Import Data into FP&A Model LVL2 Conclusion

I am trying to import the information from the INV05 Module but get items failing.

This is my save view, how do i make for the G3 location list only show me the lowest level of information without the country and region?

Thanks in advance

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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @JosAngel94

    You need to right click on “New York” and from the resulting dropdown you need to select

    1. “Select Levels to Show”
    2. From there uncheck all the parent levels and show only bottom level. Then re-save the view

    Hope, this resolves your issue.

  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @JosAngel94

    Happy to see that your earlier issue is resolved.

    For this new view, you'll have to do the below steps:

    1. Right click on New York and select lowest level in “Select level to show”
    2. Right click on Nutzo Bar_EN and select lowest level in “Select level to show”
    3. For time filter, you need to create a system module with time dimension and insert a boolean line item called “Months?” . Apply formula = TRUE in that line item
    4. Then in your view, click on filter from the top, and select this line item from the sys module.

    Hope, above steps helps