How to fix summary settings for hidden cells


We have read access on months we don't want people to see, however the summary for the whole year will still take the sum of the hidden cells.

We don't want to remove the yearly summary or zero out the amounts until they are ready to be seen as that would cause issues on our end.

is there a way to summarize only cells that are open for read access?

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  • rob_marshall


    Assuming you have a Boolean line item for the read/write process, create a new line item with the formula:

    the below formula assumes the Read/Write Boolean is true for Write and the line item is named Write?

    If not Write? then data else blank.

    Turn summaries on and your total will be correct.

  • kmillet
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    yes we do have a boolean for that. i was seeing if there was a way without creating new line items but i didnt think there was.


  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @kmillet

    If the line items in your screenshot are formulated and are not manual inputs, then you can adjust the formula for those line items

    If “Read?” THEN FORMULA ELSE 0, here read line item is working as DCA. Your totals summary will adjust accordingly.