NUX Refresh After Selection


Hey builders!

I'm having an issue between users making selections in the NUX. 2 out of 3 of us are making boolean time selector and line-item based filter selections on a page without needing to refresh to see the changes take effect.

1 of us needs to refresh the page to see the changes happen. They've tried multiple browser types and use an Apple laptop instead of us using Dells. Although I tried on my macbook and had no issue.

Could this be a location issue as we all work in different remote areas?

Thank you for your time



  • AjayM

    Hi @Tykili ,

    While location cannot be a constraint for different user experience, may I know first if the filters you use (both time selector and lineitem selector) are user dimensioned? If even one of them is not user dimensioned, then it demands page refresh for latest selections to be applied as the filters.

  • Tykili
    edited March 2023

    Hey @AjayM ,

    Yes - both the time selector and lineitem selectors are user dimensioned by user. However, the card or grid that is being filtered by these selectors are not dimensioned by user, yet it's still working for 2/3 of us users.

    Thank you for your response.