Not able to access workspace


I'm not able to access my company workspace with my anaplan credentials to complete Level-1


  • HimanshuRaj
    edited March 2023

    Hi @TTaver

    You need to check with your company if you've been added to the workspace after which you'll receive an email from Anaplan confirming your workspace access.

    Hope, this resolves your issue

  • TTaver

    Thanks for your reply Himanshu. Although I'm doing it on individual level not with access to my organisation. I know Anaplan is going to be accepted worldwide in near future so planned to get my hands on it.
    could you please help me to get access for workspace.

  • Hi TTaver, you mentioned “company workspace”, so I presume your organisation is one of the Anaplan customers. A valid Anaplan user is still required before you can access the (free of charge) Model Building training courses.

    I understand you are doing this on an individual level, the course is free of charge for Anaplan users and does not require you to access your organisation's database. A demo model will be provided to you in the training course. All you will require is an Anaplan username and access to your company workspace (where you can download the demo model).

    All in all, you will still need to consult with your organisation, express you interest in upskilling, and have them help you create an Anaplan username.