Filter for YTD

hi All,

May I ask a question or a reference on how to create a filter for YTD. so the condition is when user select a Month > Jun 23 then it will display Jan 23- Jun 23 of the current Year. I was only able to make the filter for current month plus 3 previous months with the help pf an expert here.

Appreciate your time and thanks in advance.



  • Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,

    While there are multiple ways of achieving time filtering, I am first confused about your ask.

    1. When you say YTD, should the filter update based on current period or current date (if you have any such field) ?
    2. Or, am I right to assume that this is a user selection lineitem which is timeperiod formatted, and the ask is to show all past months of the year including selected month?
    3. When user selects a Month > Jun 23, show Jan'23 to Jun'23? Is it based on any selected month or any selected month greater than Jun'23?

    Based on my assumption (#2), here is one way to show all selected + past months of the year, based on selected month:

    Please correct my assumption (if wrong) and we can look at more appropriate solution.


  • Hi, AjayM,

    Yes your assumption is correct it is based on the selected Month that I have created. I can see the process you created is what I have already prepared at the moment. Can I ask one more assist. if the user selected Q1 for example. it should display the quarter months.

    I really appreciate your guidance on this matter AjayM

    Thank you and Regards,

  • You should be having a different lineitem selector for quarter, in which case, below should work:

    As you can notice, I just created additional ‘quarter’ formatted lineitem to address the need.


  • hi @AjayM,

    I seem to have an issue on the YTD month formula. Anaplan is not accepting the formula for some reason. Or maybe I am doing something wrong.

    its been circling over and over then will prompt an error msg. hope you can assist in this matter.


  • Sure, if I can please look at your formula for this troublesome lineitem.

    Also, the SYS000 module is dimensioned by L0 along with time. I guess your month selector is by L0, and if not, I don't think you need any other dimension than time for this particular filtering.

  • hi @AjayM,

    disregard the lset part. i was able to fix the problem why the formula is just circling. again, appreciate your kindness.