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Just a quick question, is there a way to create a line item with dropdown menu of the time selection that has Month Qtr and Year all in the same dropdown.? I am creating a selec time period for the MR i am working on and with @AjayM assistance I was able to create the filters. Now i have a separate selection for month, Qtr and Year. see below.

is there a way I can put them in 1 dropdown list only. see below.

like what is above. I never notice this before that when you create a line item and format it as time period you can only select from Month Quarter and Year. but not all in 1 dropdown list.

Hope you can shed some insights on the matter.



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  • AjayM
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    Hi @Jsdeloria21 ,

    You can create a custom list, a replica of real time calendar of your model, to achieve this. However, please note that this has to be maintained regularly to keep the custom list upto date as time calendar progresses.

    I'd be interested to see if a smarter/simpler solution comes out, but here is my workaround:

    1. Create a text formatted lineitem in SYS time module (without any other dimensions but time), formula as name(item(time)) and summary set to FORMULA
    2. Create a saved view with this new lineitem and import these items into a new list “Custom Time”
    3. If you want to order the items in a particular fashion, I have created a logic to sort them to show months first, quarters next and years there after
    4. Create an ‘order list’ action using the final sorting lineitem to sort items in “Custom Time” list
    5. A lineitem formatted by ‘Custom time’ will now allow you to select either month / quarter / year
    6. Using ‘Map..’ lineitems in SYS Custom Time module, you should be able to apply filtering logic as per your need

    List before sorting:

    Sorting Logic, if you don't want to manually set the sort order:

    After sorting based on ‘Sort Custom Time Full’ lineitem:



  • Misbah


    This is a typical case of multi selection. And on top of that you want Parents also to be editable. It isn't possible with the dropdowns. If you need to get it done anyhow, you will have to place children and parents in the same list. Once that list is created ( Look @AjayM has created), create a module with this list as a dimension and create one boolean formatted line item in it. Place Time list in rows and Line item in columns. These booleans will be driving the views in the backend and those views can be published on the dashboard.

    Hope that helps,


    Miz Logix

  • hi @Misbah and @AjayM,

    Thank you for your time and appreciate your response.