Can you link to a specific record on a new UX page


I have a list of projects and i have a line item that is a link to the project page, but would like to go to the specific project they are clicking on. The html for the page is the same no matter what the item, but can you add a tag to the html at all, like you can in other apps?

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  • rob_marshall


    If I am understanding you correctly, the answer is no. But if the user clicks on the Project list member, assuming the project members are in the row axis, then you can sync on that and when pushed to go to the project page, that member should be the one in focus.



  • Hi, yes it does that, so long as they click on the row axis first, just have to tell them to

    Thanks Rob

  • @DeveloperCYT

    Have you explored the Comment feature in UX? If you have the project list as the page selector on the project page, then a user could add a comment and Tag the user to that card with the selection that they want, and then the page will open to the corresponding selection to where the comment was entered.

    For example:

    I have selected Aardvark in my page selector, and placed a comment where I tag myself, which is only for the Aardvark Selection.

    Here you can see that I switched to “Cat” And added a comment that is specific to Cat.

    The user gets notified (Based on their notificaiton selections in My Account) and brought to the page and selection that you made the comment on. Certainly a workaround way to get there, but it does achieve what you are looking for I think!

    Hope this helps,