Selective Access and Tabular Multiple Column Exports


I have defined an export using the Tabular Multiple Column layout, filtering using a Boolean from a separate module. The module being exported uses a list with Selective Access. When I try to limit my access and run the export, to test how an end user would interact with the export, the model exports rows for ALL members of the list, but only the rows for which I have access have data populated. Is this an idiosyncrasy of exports with the Tabular Multiple Column layout? Or is there something else I'm not aware of?

Example: An employee list has 10 members. I have access to one employee. The export outputs 10 rows, but only one row has data.


  • Hi @dameyer01

    Not sure what that filter is doing to your export view, but when selective access is applied to your list, then you'll only get those items in the export table that you've access to.

    I'd advise checking that filter


  • Don't know if this is a bug to report or a known issue, but we found the culprit. Below is an example

    Scenario: A module is dimensionalized by Business Unit (BU) and Region (Region has selective access). The module has a line item that aggregates revenue for every combination of BU and Region, but also has a line item that just pulls in the BU item. To reduce sparsity, the builder uses a subsidiary view and sets the ‘Applies To’ to only BU.

    Problem: When an end user runs an export using the ‘Tabular Multiple Column’ column layout, the resulting export has rows for ALL combinations of BU and Region. Line items using the Region list are blank, but the line item with the subsidiary view is fully populated.

    Solution: Modify the subsidiary view by including Region (or matching the module's dimensionality).

    Has anyone seen this before? I've attached a couple sample files showing the same.