Getting Monthly and Quarterly totals in Weekly model

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Hello all,

I'm building a model with a weekly time scale. The client wants to see the Monthly and quarter totals also. Do you have any suggestions on how to get these totals?

I created time filters to get a Month and also manually did a Quarter line item. But when I do a lookup, it doesn't come through.


  • @DeepakK

    Are you using the native time functionality or are you using a custom time list?

  • @rob_marshall I'm using a custom Time functionality. We are converting the "W/C 12 Jan 23" label into a 1/12/23 time format. This is merely for the labels in dashboards.

    Does that make it harder?

    I used a Saved view from Time filters to create this list. Then added properties to it. I can use that Week Lookup to bring details from Native time modules to custom time ones.

  • @DeepakK

    Do you have the months and quarters defined in your list? If not, why not as you would be able to use the aggregation of weeks rolling up to months rolling up to quarters rolling up to years.

  • @rob_marshall

    Do you mean I should add List properties in the Report Weeks for Month and Quarter?

  • @DeepakK

    Not properties, but parents so the weeks roll up to months which roll up to quarters which roll up to year.

  • Oh that's an interesting idea. Let me try that out.

  • @rob_marshall

    Your idea worked great! Thank you so much. I added quarter and years as parents and the totals automatically roll up. I can also create grids where I only show quarter / years.

    A follow up: How could I get a YOY comparison or a Q1 2023 to Q1 2022 comparison? Any thoughts on that?

    Appreciate your help.