Ability to Filter Dashboard Grid without using quick filters.


Hi Team,

We have recently moved to New UX for our client and just wanted to know is there a way we can enable the corresponding action for users as it was there in new UX.

We can not ask the user to use ‘Quick Filters’ instead by ‘Quick filters’ can only work with ‘AND’ condition between two filters applied on same column, whereas the native filter allows the ‘Any’ option as shown below.

Any help is appreciated.


Aakash Sachdeva


  • AjayM

    Hi @aakash ,

    As you can appreciate, quick filters in NUX is a user friendly way of filtering , but with the AND clause. To achieve the reverse, you will have to publish lineitems formatted by respective filtering attributes, for the user to select (field cards). Using these selections, you can define the final filter to function as you want (OR vs AND).

    Example: Let's say SKU list has ‘product type’ and ‘size’ as attributes. You want to filter the list of SKUs if user selects matching product type or matching size for a given SKU. In this case,

    1. Add couple of lineitems formatted by each attribute to a user dimensioned module, 'UX User Selection'
    2. Preferably in a different module, add a boolean lineitem dimensioned by both Users and SKU list
    3. In this lineitem you can define the formula to respect user selections in #1, with an OR condition (ex: SYS SKU.Product Type=UX User Selection.Product Type OR SYS SKU.Size=UX User Selection.Size)
    4. Now add this as filter to the published grid

    Note: You may skip adding User dimension in this approach, but that would demand each user to refresh the UX page when they change the selections.

    Hint: If the filtering lineitems include number or text formatted, then a combination of quick filters and custom filters may be helpful.