LOOKUP not working as intended

Hi Anaplaners,

I'm having an issue with IF ELSE Statement. I expect the ‘ELSE’ part to go accross opposite direction than the ‘IF’ condition. But it seems to not be working using a LOOKUP function but works with a SELECT function.

I want to promote it to PROD but I can't do it with using a SELECT BUT INSTEAD A LOOKUP.

Please I will need your advice on how to go about it. Or why does SELECT work differently than the LOOKUP.

Below is a screen shot to demonstrate.

  1. The SELECT goes past 'Month36' which is what I want

2. The LOOKUP matches ONLY the 'Month 36' and don't move on accross with the ELSE condition

Below is the module dimension

And the LOOKUP drop down SYS Module named TEST


  • Hi @innocent

    You can perform below steps to achieve your result via lookup:

    1. In the “Lookup %” formula, the IF part is only recognising if “Month 1, 2, 3 & 4” then pick same values as in input and else part is picking up only “Month 4” value , i.e 1% via lookup
    2. Use system module, make one list formatted line item to select “Month 4” in my case, and then in “Month 5 %” line item use this formula to pick the value, which you can refer in the else part in 1st module

    Hope, this resolves your issue. Cheers!!

  • Thanks @Himanshu1998 for the workaround. I have it resolved using a different method where I assigned the 'month 36' to a line item with month number list as the dimension and then did a lookup on the line item and it got it across.

  • Hi - as a further point as the dimensions are very different would for best practice look to separate them out into separate modules. You might also find that the lookup works as intended. Also because of the multiple dimensions as you've found need to ensure that it works as expected at the top level for the other lists.