No error generated for data loads outside of module time frame

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When uploading data (via csv file) into a module, no errors or error logs are generated when data load falls outside of the module time frame?? E.g.: uploading data for Jan 2023, when module time frame extends only from Jan 2021 - Dec 2022.

3-21-23 edit: There must a warning/alert from Anaplan when upload file dates fall outside of module time range; otherwise, there is no way for user to know until a much large problem occurs downstream


  • Hi @zimingzh

    Anaplan throws time error when there a proper time format is not adjusted in import definition. It'll ignore the time that is not in Anaplan scope.

    Hope, this resolves your issue

  • @Himanshu1998 , this provides insight into Anaplan's workings, but it absolutely does NOT resolve the issue. Anaplan must have an alert or warning for this kind of mismatch between import data dates and the dates in the module. If no warning, and Anaplan simply “ignores” data, there is no way for users - especially new users - to know something went wrong until a much larger problem occurs downstream.

  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @zimingzh

    Could you share your load import format, as Anaplan data ignore concept also depends on how you've oraganized time in excel.

    If your time format is organized in column in excel, Anaplan will throw error as ("Failed").

    If it's set across rows, then individual mapping takes place with source time and target time and Anaplan ignores out of range time


  • Data is arranged in columns, with 1 column defining the date. No errors were generated.

  • Hi @zimingzh

    It seems that you're trying to upload “Period end date” column in a time formatted line item in a module.

    You should upload this column in a text formatted line item and then use a different “Time period” formatted line item to pull value from text line item using finditem.

    If any period falls outside your anaplan model calendar, then you can make a time range (FY22, 23). Anaplan will then automatically identify all the time in that finditem formula.