Locations.csv import giving error in L1 module

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Trying to import locations.csv but it is giving an invalid name error can anyone let me know where I am going wrong


  • While uploading data you've selected Items uniquely identified by Code. I can think of 2 reasons why this error is coming: -

    1. You might've already uploaded data once but this data is not uploaded with code earlier. If this is the case, please select Items uniquely identified by Name or Code and upload data
    2. Location is Numbered list (highly doubt this is the case). If so, please update data in display name column, not in column1

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  • AjayM

    Hi @Ashwings ,

    'G3 Location' is a non-numbered list, as you seeemed to have rightly set it to. As @Sai_Bharadwaj_Venati mentioned in point#1, it could be a wrong imoprt into the list in your earlier attempts. I suggest to wipe the list (delete all items in G3) and reimport with the same mapping - you got the mapping and action settings right in the snapshots.