Level 3 - questions



I am sorry but the Level 3 instructions/directions are not clear to me.

For example, in the DH:

  • Where do I get SKU information from?
  • Where do I get Location information from?
  • The highlighted dimension in the screen shot looks like is concatenated with a language value. I need a Language list, where are the Language values coming from?
  • As per the screen shot you are using a DAT03 Historic Volumes modules – where is the Volumes information coming from? AM I supposed to figure out volumes?
  • The video on Combination list talked about creating the structure for the list in the DH and then importing into spoke model. However in the video you created the hierarchical relationship with Account>Product? Why is this needed in the DH? Shouldn’t this hierarchical relationship exist in the spoke model only?
  • In Dat01 module in the DH, you have a line item named Beginning Inventory? Where is this number coming from? Are you giving me a file to import later on in the build?


  • Hi,

    As you proceed further in the course you will get instructions and data of all the required inputs needed to import in the model.