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In this screen shot (first screen shot), you have a field named Baseline Financial Forecast, in the second screen shot - which is of the model

  1. Is TAR01 Sales Targets and TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets the same module then?
  2. Is PY Country and Product Family Sales and Baseline Financial Forecast the same thing? My understanding is baseline is forecast, sales implaies something different but it is not clear to me. It is confusing having the line items in the module but then the screen shot with the final results is essentially asking for different output.
  3. In TAR01 you only have A2 Account >Product# dimesion here - since the directions are not asking me to build the combo list yet, am I making an assumption to just go ahead and build it now or am I supposed to change the dimesions on the module here and later on i will be asked to build the A2 Account>Product list? I created a DAT01 Baseline Forecast module where i imported the data into and i can get it to look like the output as per the training but your output shows that i ought to display it from TAR01 module. Or should i just import into the Baseline Financial Forecast line item but then again the TAR01 module starts off with Account>Product dimension and it does not have Country. I am so sorry but i am very confused on what the expectation is.


    1. No, Both are not the same Modules.
    2. Both the line items are different and both take data from different modules.
    3. You have to go ahead and build it and use the same in the dimension.

    For TR01 Sales Target

    Baseline Forecast

    'DATA01 Baseline Financial Forecast'.Baseline Financial Forecast



    Amount Increase

    Baseline Forecast * Percentage_increase

    Initial Country Sales Target

    Baseline Forecast + Amount Increase

    For TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets

    PY Country and Product Family Sales

    'Country-Product Data'[LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'P1 Product Family', LOOKUP: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'G2 Country']

    Initial Country Sales Target

    Initial Country Sales Target from Sales Target for TAR01

    PY Account Revenue

    Revenue from DATA02 PY Revenue to CY

    PY Account / PY Country Product Family

    PY Account Revenue / PY Country and Product Family Sales

    Initial Account Sales Target

    Initial Country Sales Target * 'PY Account / PY Country Product Family'

    Country-Product Data

    Revenue from DATA02 PY Revenue to CY[SUM: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'P1 Product Family', SUM: 'SYS03 Account>Product Details'.'G2 Country']

    Hope This Helps

  • @rishi8118 Could you please explain the working mechanism of the formula for the Line Item called "PY Country & Product Family Sales". I've tried a lot to build a staging Line Item so that LOOKUP & SUM do not stay together in a same formula. But, as per your staging Line Item things are not happening with me. I am constantly getting the level mismatch error. Even after using the same formula mentioned by you. Otherwise if I put all 2 LOOKUPs and SUMs in same Line Item then it is working as expected.

  • Well, if two lookup works as per expectation, it's fine then. I too had used the staging module and the above details worked fine. Let me know if wish to know any additional details for staging module.

  • RyanD

    @rishi8118 would you please explain how you built the 'Country-Product Data' module? I was able to use the lookup & sum together in the same formula, but I am interested in how you accomplished this using a staging module. Thank you!

  • hueljannie
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    @basketball stars Then it's acceptable if the two lookups function as expected. Everything you said above worked perfectly for me when I utilized the staging module as well. Would you like any more information on the staging module? If so, please inform me.

  • @subway surfers If the directions don't explicitly ask you to build the combo list yet, it's reasonable to assume that it might be done later in the process. However, it would be a good idea to double-check the instructions and, if in doubt, seek clarification from the training materials or your instructor.