why the data without any changes after modify the saved view corresponding to an export action


After I modify the saved view corresponding to an export action, the data for executing this action does not change. why ? How to change the saved view without changing the export action ID.


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  • HimanshuRaj
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    Hi @licx13

    If you change your saved view, you'd need to create export action afresh. Anaplan currently does not have this feature to update existing action as per the saved view


  • alexpavel
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    @licx13: Saved views and Export actions are not dynamically linked. In fact, you can create an export action without creating the Saved view. The export action is created with the layout and filter that you chose in that moment.

    However, it's part of the Best Practice to have a Saved view associated with an export action that you saved. This is also a way to track what filter was chosen when the Export action was created. If you edit an export action you can trace back everything (source module, columns,formatting etc..), except for the filter.

    If you need to change the structure/filter of a saved export action, you need to re-create the action with the exact export action name. Re-saving the export action with exact name it will update the action with the latest structure/filter.

    Hope it helps


  • licx13
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    @AlexPavl great, thank you very much for you support and help . it is done to re export and rename .