Can you scale the X-Axis in a graph/chart if the X-Axis is the Time Dimension?


Seems like in the New UX graphs and charts axis's can be scaled if the axis is a line item. However, there should be an option to scale any axis even if it is a dimension especially Time. For example, daily data would look neater and present better on presentations/decks if the time scale could be reduced to show SOME time points (Jan'19, Apr'19, Jul'19, Oct'19) and have the graph map all data points but only surface some of the Time months versus all of them. Has anyone found a way around this? this is something you can easily do in google sheets


  • Hi @dkangrga ,

    Yes you can do the same in Anaplan also if you want to show limited months in the axis. Create a System module with time dimension(in your case its month) as needed then create Boolean line items and check all the months where you need the specific data and you can use this as filter option in your output module to show only those limited month data.

    Hope this helps!



  • Hi @Arnab116 - Appreciate the feedback, but not quite what I was looking for. Your solution would only give me the data points for the months that are boolean selected. I would like to see all data points mapped on the graph, while having the x axis scaled to only show some months. Similar to how the y axis is mapped/scaled, in the screenshot I shared you have 7 to 17 on the y axis, the y axis is not showing every single data point mapped on the graph. Seems like this option is an Anaplan NUX formatting shortcoming, right now you can only scale an axis if its not a dimension, but a number formatted line item. (screenshot below of what im looking for modeled in gsheets for example).