Gigabyte Missing for Workspace Calculation

edited March 2023 in Modeling

Hello Anaplanners,


I am currently working on a size simulation model. The purpose is to reproduce the "model info" shown in a model and apply some changes (create new module, extend a time range...) to see the impact on the model size.

I have already calculated the cell counts of my source model but I am not matching the size in Gigabytes.

The cell count from the source module matches well with my cell count calculated by format.

Please see attached, a screenshot of the “OUTPUT FORMAT MODULE”. I have also included in my calculation the list members (500bytes/item)

Sourced Module is 3.17 GB with 440 million cell count.

I calculated the 440 million (Checked) but it represents only 3.04 GB and I am left with 0.13 GB uncalculated (~3%), See attached “Output in GB”


I need your assistance and please let me know if I am missing any step that uses space.