Time Submission for a Gannt


Hi ll,

I am trying to configure a gannt on the UX. I have a start/end date info in the date formatted LIs. And the exact start and end times (such as 15:03) are in the text formatted LIs. I don't know if Anaplan allows us to submit times within dates for a gannt. You can see in the screenshot that the gannt bar is starting from the time 00:00 to 23:59 but I need to submit start and end times.

Any help would be appreciated.




  • Hello @AykutC,

    Have you tried creating a list with the hours and given them a code that you can convert into values?

    Once you do that, you could compare the value of your code with the hour that you are bringing as long as you are able to convert it into a number.

    I would be able to help a bit more if you can give us a bit more information about the dimensions used and so on.


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez

  • aykcos

    Hello @BrunoRodriguez !

    Thanks for your answer. I didn't try to create a list with the hours. Once I create the list with hours, and comparing the text formatted line items (In the screenshot “heure debut” and “heure fin”) by using FINDITEM I would be able to get the list item.

    But to be able to get the dates on gannt chart, I didn't have to apply the time dimension to the module. In similar way I wonder if there is a way without applying a list with hours and minutes.

    If it is the only way that I need to create and apply a list with hours and minutes, then I am not sure on where to use this created list. Should I apply the list with hours to the module or only to the 2 line items?

    Thanks in advance @BrunoRodriguez

    The dimensions are basically Product and Machine.

  • Hello @aykcos ,

    Apologies about the delay in my reply. I have tried to reproduced your issue and I was unable to get the desired output. It seems like Anaplan gantt charts are still not there. However, I managed to get the best next thing, which was basically blank line item with conditional formating applied based on the hours defined - please find below:

    I hope that helped :(


    Kind regards,

    Bruno Rodriguez