LM1 Lesson 9.2.5 5.00%

edited March 2023 in Academy Discussions

When I type the 5.00% in REV04 Unit Cost% it comes out as 60%. It also populates not only the FY19 line but FY20 & FY20. I changed the summary setting which works on REV04 but it will still be 60% on REVO5.


  • AjayM

    Hi @Vande2kp ,

    5% should not be a formula , because that would mean you are hardcoding/fixing the cost percentage to 5% always. Rather, it has to be editable , i.e., no formula to these lineitems.

    Also, your module dimension and lineitems' dimension look different. Not sure why you changed the dimensions of lineitems. They have to be same as that of module dimension (country, product family, time (year)).