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Hi Optimization Pros! Would you be open to providing some input on whether this can be done in Anaplan Optimizer? I want to minimize the number of SKUs picked for shipment (i.e. we would prefer to fill a shipment by picking one SKU rather than two SKUs). These are the two designs I’ve tried with no luck.

Variable: SKU Qty

Objective: Minimize SKU Count, formula = MIN(SKU Qty, 1)

Constraint 1: SKU Qty = Prd Key Qty

Constraint 2: SKU Qty <= SKU Inventory

ERROR: Multiplication or variables only in Obj statement

Variable 1: SKU Qty

Variable 2: Binary Variable

Objective: Minimize Binary Variable

Intermediate Calc: SKU Total = SKU Qty * Binary Variable

Constraint 1: SKU Total = Prd Key Qty

Constraint 2: SKU Total <= SKU Inventory

ERROR: SKU Total is not linear and also appears to be an indirection error.

Really appreciate any guidance you can provide. Thanks!

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  • hendersonmj
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    It sounds like you'll need two variables.
    Quantity Shipped, by sku, constrained to meet demand.
    'SKU Is Included' , either binary or integer 0/1, also by sku,

    Constrain 'SKU is Included' to be 0 when Quantity Shipped is 0 and 1 when Quantity Shipped > 0. How? Two constraints:
    Quantity Shipped - 'SKU is Included' > = 0
    'SKU is Included' - 0.000001 * Quantity Shipped >=0

    Minimize total 'SKU is Included'.


  • Hello
    The problem is not clear! can you provide more information on what you are trying to do ? what are the dimensions you are using? do you want to make sure you fulfill the entire demand of a given sku before you start shipping another one? or do you want to ship one sku at a time?
    Can you give me the dimensions of your variables, constraints and objective function please?

  • Dimensions are below

    Variable (1 and 2): Sending Distribution Center>SKU>Receiving Distribution Center (combo list)

    Objective: same as variable

    Constraint 1: Sending Distribution Center>Product Key>Receiving Distribution Center (combo list)

    Constraint 2: Sending Distribution Center > SKU (combo list)

  • The goal is to minimize the count of SKUs picked per shipment. A demand qty is provided at Product Key which must be filled with any combination of the SKUs that make up that Key.

  • Thanks hendersonmj! This worked and I think this tactic will open a lot of possibilities for us. I probably did something wrong as I don't see a way to accept your post as the solution.